2019 Predictions


On December 18th, at 5:01pm Central Time, Joe Diamond took to Facebook Live to make public predictions for what’s coming on 2019! He even made personal predictions for those who tuned in during the broadcast! Some of his predictions have already started coming true! Early in the video (3:55) Diamond predicts UFO sightings. Just two days after this broadcast, mysterious lights and UFOs were seen in the California sky! Here are just a few of the other predictions made in the above video:

  • President Trump trips & breaks his nose!

  • Bitcoin becomes valueless

  • SpaceX does well, but Tesla may go bankrupt

  • Record Setting Snows in the East this year

  • Missing Child Found

  • Murder Investigation in Suburbs

  • New American Currency

  • Avengers: Endgame gets spoiled on Live TV!

Please Note: This is the FIRST TIME Joe Diamond has ever done something like this. While some of the predictions have already come true, there is no guarantee on any of these claims. Also, these are not necessarily what Joe Diamond WANTS to happen, these are merely the impressions he got of what potentially WILL happen…