April Fool’s Pranks

Six Pranks to play on your friends without them hating you...

1. Leave cryptic notes warning someone of an impending prank, then do nothing all day.

2. Put a clear piece of tape over the television and gaming console remote.

3. Set all the clocks in your friend's house an hour or two early.

4. If you have access to a friends wallet, swap their CVS card (or any loyalty card) for yours. Then everything they buy earns YOU points.

5. If you have access to someone's phone, set an alarm for 3am.

6. When everyone in your house goes to bed, turn everything you can upside down. The wall photos, the art, the posters, the clocks, even the microwave!

Six Tips to avoid being pranked:

1. Assume you are getting pranked

2. Keep your cool. Don't freak out

3. Avoid the kitchen sink. The rubber band around the dish sprayer is the oldest prank in the book for a reason... people still fall for it.

4. Be careful who you mess with

5. Don't believe every thing you hear. (This goes for Facebook on any day, btw)

6. Just stay home by yourself