Date Night with Joe Diamond

at 95 WIIL ROCK Studio East

Find out what your date is thinking at Studio East on July 3rd!

Joe Diamond's last show at Studio East SOLD OUT! Don't wait, get your tickets now!

Joe Diamond is the Mystery Performer everyone is talking about. Some call him a mind reader, others call him psychic, and still more call him a magician. It doesn't matter if you are a believer or a skeptic, we predict you will have a good time!

He can read your mind. Really. He told Tom Kief the name of his first crush! He guessed Emily's pin code and unlocked her iPhone! He read the mind of a caller from THE PENTAGON! He'll be doing this kind of crazy stuff for YOU! Live in Studio East! You’ve heard him on the air, now is your chance to experience it LIVE!

Join us in the legendary Studio East to be a part of this intimate, one of a kind show! See you there!

This will be a DATE NIGHT experience, and is not recommended for small children. The show is "family friendly" but is geared for a GROWN UP audience. People are known to yell expletives when they have their mind read. Expect a PG-13 rating..

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July 3rd, 2019 at 7pm

95 WIIL ROCK Studio East

8500 Green Bay Rd.

Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158


During the show, DO NOT think about anything confidential you don't want Joe Diamond to find out!

At no point during the show should you focus on anything which could be found on Google, Facebook or any other social media source. Whilst it would be impossible for Joe Diamond to find all the required information for people chosen AT RANDOM, let’s make sure this isn’t what he’s doing.

Before the show, DO NOT discuss any of your recent dreams, your first kiss, or your iPhone code with anyone. Not even with the people you trust. Just in case …

You can RELAX, Joe Diamond will know if there is something you don’t want revealed and it will be kept confidential... Unless it’s really funny ;)

All that you’ll witness will happen LIVE due to the skills and abilities created and perfected by Joe Diamond. You won’t see this ANYWHERE else!

Every show is slightly different, all you can know for certain is that people will be chosen at random, dreams will be interpreted and minds will be read.


Joe Diamond in the Legendary Studio East! Click the image above for tickets!

Joe Diamond in the Legendary Studio East! Click the image above for tickets!