Dream Interpretation

Have you ever had a dream and wonder, "What's that about? What is my brain trying to tell me?"

While it's taken Joe Diamond YEARS to hone the skill of accurately interpreting dreams, below is a simple guide to consult to get an idea of the meaning of some of the most common dreams Joe has come across...

Airplane: a journey; starting something awesome

Anchor: success in love or business

Animals: instinctual actions, emotions and desires

Angels: goodness

Apple: long life

Arrow: festivities and pleasure

Baby: Joy, responsibility, a new beginning

Balloon: frustration, childhood

Bath: long life

Boat: a friend will visit

Bridge: overcoming obstacles

Broom: cleanup, re-organize your life

Bull: stubborn

Candle: constant

Car: freedom

Castle: super ambition, protection

Cat: independence

Cave: refuge

Circle: infinity

Clock: missed opportunity

Curtains: decorate

Dog: loyalty

Door: new opportunity

Doves: success, blessing

Dragon: change in location

Drums: marching to your own beat

Eating: fulfilled

Elephant: good

Fairy: fun times

Falling: a sudden loss of firm footing in life

Flower: contentment, pleasure, growth

Flying: freedom, new perspective

Hammer: victory

Horse: power

House: your body

Ivy: faithful friends

Jumping: success

Key: a secret

Kiss: completion

Ladder: ability to climb

Leaf: change

Light: hope

Lines: journey

Lion: powerful, Leo, strength, courage

Lock: security

Mirror: reconsider, opposite

Moon: your feelings, uncertainty

Mother: comfort

Mouse: busybody

Nest: a new home

Ocean: steady gains

Owl: wisdom

Pig: good luck

Pirate: suspicion

Rabbit: good luck

Ring: loyalty

River: a boundary

Rose: good fortune

Running: helpful journey

School: reminisce,  looking back

Ship: pleasant journey

Snow: hidden

Spirit: memory of a loved one

Sunrise: awakening

Sunset: relaxation

Stars: hopes

Teeth: exposed inner secrets

Tree: success

Triangle: good fortune

Tunnel: hiding

Umbrella: shelter

Wall: obstacles

Water: emotion

Wheel: unexpected gift

Wolf: safety

Zoo: confusion

If you have a dream that is not interpreted by this list, then email your dream to joe@joediamondlive.com to have Joe Diamond personally interpret your dream. Note: Joe’s schedule is currently only allowing him to interpret a few dreams a day, so if you don’t get a response right away, don’t take it personally. Resend the dream and see if your luck changes.