Numerology Cards Instructions


Joe Diamond Numerology Cards

Effect: A spectator is asked to choose a number from one to sixty. The fortune teller shows several cards with different numbers on them and asks the spectators to give him all the cards that contain his chosen number. The fortune teller then immediately gives a reading and then reveals the spectators selected number.

Secret: The secret is very simple. If you add up the first number in the top left corner of all the cards that contain the chosen number, the total will be the number the spectator has chosen! For example, if the first number on the cards pointed to are 32, 8, and 2, you mentally add the key numbers 32+8+2, and know that 42 is the number selected.

Presentation: Tell the spectator to think of a number between one and sixty. You can have them think of their age, the day of the the month they were born, or just a random number! It's up to you! Let's say they decide to think of their age. Show them the cards one at a time and ask them which cards contain their number. Drop each card with their number casually on the table and as you do add up the numbers. 

Before you reveal the number, give the sitter a reading based on the colors of the cards that have his number. Here are the meanings of the colors:

Red -  Passion/Ambition

Blue - Optimism/Looking Upward

Yellow - Happiness/Bright Light

Green - Nature/Growth

Orange - Sweetness/Kindness

Purple - Royal/Protective

Let's say you ask someone to remove the cards with their age, and you discover their age is 42. Here is what the reading might look like:

"These cards tell me a lot about your life! The Blue card shows you are at a point where you need to remain optimistic and continue looking up, The Green card represents the start of a natural period of growth for you, and the Purple card shows you will achieve your own personal royalty, and be the highest version of yourself. This is a really good representation of someone at the experienced and bright age of 42!"


You can also perform this in a slightly different manner with a little more arithmetic. Instead of having the spectator pick the cards with his selected number, you give him the cards and have him place them in his pocket and discard the rest. If you add the key numbers on the discarded cards and subtract them from 63, the remainder will be the selected number. So if he discards the cards with the key numbers 16, 4, and 1. Mentally add 16+4+1 to get 21. Then 63-21=42, which is the selected number!