How To Do Psychometry

If you have ever held onto something and had feelings about it you've already done some psychometry. The word ‘psychometry’ was coined in 1842 by a Dr. J. R. Buchanan, the scientist who spent many years investigating this intriguing subject. The word simply means ‘measuring the soul’ of something.

Psychometry is based on the premise that everything radiates vibrations and some people are able to sense them. Until recently, psychometry has ben the preserve of psychics, but nowadays many people are doing their own experiments and finding that they have ability in this area.

This sheet contains a few experiments in psychometry for you to test and hopefully develop your skills. Remember to relax before you start. If you are tense it won’t work. Be patient. Some people have amazing results right from the start, whilst others others may have to spend months gradually developing their talents. You may find it easier to practice with a friend, as you can test each other and the mutual encouragement will help you both make faster progress.

Good Luck!

Test One

Sit down in a comfortable chair in a room where you will not be disturbed. Have on a table next to you anything that you would like to psychometrize. It is best if you start with something that you can easily hold in your hand. Take ten deep breaths, counting slowly to three each time you in hale and exhale. This will help you relax. After the ten breaths just sit quietly and concentrate on relaxing every muscle in your body. It will be easier if you close your eyes whilst doing this. 

When you feel ready open your eyes and pick up the item you are going to psychometrize. Hold it gently in one hand and caress it slowly with the other. See what feelings and images come into your mind. Don’t try and interpret what you receive. Many years ago I was psychometrizing a watch for a young man, and the number ’21’ kept popping into my mind. As he appeared to be about that age I ignored these feelings, and after I had finished he asked meif his proposed move was going to work out all right. It turned out he was planning to move to a house with the number 21. I could have helped him much more if I had been prepared to follow my own feelings, rather than jumping to conclusions about what I received.

Don’t try too hard - in fact don’t try at all! If the feelings don’t come, simply try again another day with a different object. If you try and force results you will end up getting nothing at all. Remember that you will benefit from the relaxation, even if you get nothing the first few times you try it. Your time will not be wasted.

Test Two

Once you have mastered Test One, you will be able to to try more difficult tests. This time, ask a friend or acquaintance to give you something to psychometrize. Do this standing up, but try and relax. Imagine what it felt like when you were doing the first test, and try to recapture those feelings. This will help you relax. Take the object in one hand and gently caress it with the other, just as you did before. It will be easier if you close your eyes whilst doing this, at least for the first few times, as you do not want to be influenced by the looks or actions of your friend. Take your time, then say what you are receiving. It may be something rather unexpected. Once I was handed a ring by a friend to psychometrize. She was an extremely wealthy lady, so I was surprised when I picked up feelings of hardship and struggle.  The main impression I received was of an old lady, bent almost double, struggling to carry a huge sack of potatoes. In my mind’s eye, she dumped them out onto an old wooden table, and then began to scrub and clean them. It appeared as if that old lady had worked hard all her life, and was ending up penniless. This was so unlike the well-to-do lady I knew that I hesitated to say anything. Fortunately, I did say what I received, and my friendcould not believe it as I had described the daily routine of her grandmother - and the ring had belonged to her. So you must say what you feel, even if it sounds strange at the time.

It will take time to completely master Test Two. Try it with as many different people and as many different objects as you can. You will find that sometimes you will be able to psychometrize the items with no effort at all, whilst at other times it will seem difficult - and sometimes you may get nothing at all. Do not worry about these apparent failures. Ask the person to hand you something else, and try again with that. If you still get nothing, it is just not meant to happen that day. It is not something to get concerned about, as psychic impressions are often beyond our control.

Test Three

Now we come on to something rather advanced. I know of professional psychics who can not do this test, so don’t worry if you find it hard, or even impossible.

Ask a friend to put a number of objects on a table (say seven or ten items). It is best if they are identical, such as seven spoons, but that is not essential. Turn your back and ask your friend to pick up one of the items and concentrate on it. Get her to imagine that all of the energies of her body are going down her arms through her fingers onto the item she is holding. After she has concentrated like this for about thirty seconds get her to replace it with the others. Turn back and pick up each item in turn. You should feel your friends vibrations much more strongly on the item she held, than the others. As I said before, this is a very advanced test, so make sure that you can do the first two tests before trying this one.

Test Four

This is where psychometry can become extremely practical and useful to you in daily life. Ask a friend to write five little notes. They can be about anything, but four of them have to tell a true story whilst the fifth has to tell a lie. Once she has written them, get her to fold them identically. mix them up, and place them on a table. It is important that she does not know which one contains the lie. Pick each piece of paper up and feel the vibrations. The one that tells the untrue story will feel somehow different to the others. 

Now how can this be useful to you? Whenever you receive a letter or gift from someone you can psychometrize it to see how sincere, honest, - or anything else - the writer is. Imagine if you have to sign a contract how useful it will be to be able to pick up the paper and sense whether or not you should sign it. This is something you will be able to do easily once you have mastered these four tests.

Further Reading

Once you have tried these tests you will be anxious to learn more. Here are some good books to start with:

HOW TO DEVELOP PSYCHOMETRY by W. E. Butler. A good first book, covering the basics but also going on to more advanced things such as diagnostic psychometry.

YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS AND HOW TO DEVELOP THEM by Hereford Carrington. A large book covering many psychic subjects, including psychometry.

HOW TO READ MINDS by Richard Webster. A small booklet containing useful information that can be utilized in psychometry as well as mind reading.