Reading List!

The first secret to mind reading is to read a LOT of books.

These are the books that put Joe Diamond on the path!

Topics include psychic arts, psychology, creativity, the paranormal, fortune telling, superstition, and social dynamics

  • Mind Reading Quick & Easy by Richard Webster

  • Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

  • How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

  • Thinkertoys by Michael Michalko

  • Max Maven’s Book of Fortunetelling by Max Maven

  • The Mystery Method by Mystery

  • The Mentalist’s Handbook by Clint Marsh

  • Varla Ventura’s Paranormal Parlor by Varla Ventura

  • How to Produce Miracles by Ormond McGill

  • The Book Without A Name by Theodore Annemann

  • Palmistry for Beginners by Richard Webster

  • The Sherlock Holmes Handbook by Ransom Riggs

  • Tobin’s Sprit Guide by Kyle Hotz (Illustrator) Erik Burnham, Ray Stantz, & Egon Spengler

  • How to be (a fake) Kreskin by The Amazing Kreskin

  • Mind Games by Michael Powell

  • Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

  • The Encyclopedia of Superstitions by Richard Webster