How Joe Diamond Does It

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How Joe Diamond Does It


Yes, this is a real product Joe Diamond offers.

Joe Diamond is always asked after his show, "How do you do that?"

This is a three day one on one workshop to learn exactly how Joe Diamond interprets dreams. Joe Diamond's "Dream Interpretation" act has taken him all over the country, and it is worth five times the amount above. After three days with Joe's guidance, you will be able to not only interpret dreams for friends and family, you'll be able to divine and describe the dreams from their minds as well. It will take you years to perfect the skills Joe Diamond has honed, but he will get you off to a flying start.

This is what you get:

  • One (1) round-trip airline ticket to where Joe Diamond is performing
  • A room for two (2) nights at a top resort or hotel
  • Dinner at one of the highest rated restaurants in the area
  • Three 6-hour instructional sessions during which Joe Diamond will personally teach you every aspect, secret, and skill you need to duplicate what he does during his stage performance.


All sales are final, and no refunds will be given. Instructions only given in English. Live Performance Rights Are Included in this Package. Television Performing Rights are NOT Included.


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WARNING! Joe's Schedule is VERY Busy. Be sure to check his availability by emailing to check when you can schedule your workshop.