"There’s a reason why his shows sell out quickly."

-Northwest Herald

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Close Encounters: Studio Series #1

Saturdays in September

Seating is limited to 13 people per show!

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Joe Diamond is the Mystery Performer everyone is quietly talking about. Some call him a mind reader, others call him psychic, and still more call him a magician. You now have the chance to decide for yourself, up close and personal!

Only 13 people will be admitted per show to his studio in the 'supposedly haunted' Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake for this unique experience.

Find out more about the strange happenings at the Dole Mansion by clicking HERE

As for the show, you can read a full review by clicking HERE

It doesn't matter if you are a believer or a skeptic, we predict you will have a good time!

WARNING: All 13 people will be involved in the show, no one will be embarrassed, and everyone will be a part of the experience!

Tickets: $25 - $90