Company Party

Need to really leave an impression with a client? Want your staff to talk positively to their friends and family about their company party?

Joe performs for groups as small as five, or as large as 1000! 

Joe Diamond’s after dinner show features mind reading, dream interpretations, fun fortune telling, audience interaction, and clean comedy. It is all family friendly, but it’s geared for a grown up audience. The show runs 30-45 minutes.

This isn’t a second rate, kids party show, this is a fun, sophisticated, and intelligent show that can work just as well in a conference room, as it can in a large banquet hall.

But don't take our word for it! Click on the videos on the right to hear what Joe Diamond's clients have to say! 

Drew Buss of Buss Ford calls him "Unbelievable" and David Kriete of the Kriete Trucking Group says, "Joe Diamond is an Evil Genius!"

List Of Clients Include:

  • SnapOn

  • Buss Ford

  • Kriete Group

  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America

  • Elobau Sensor Technology

  • Renaissance Hotels

  • Marriott Resort Hotels

  • Airstream Life

  • Lakeside Festival

  • Baird & Warner Residential Sales

House Party

Need entertainment that your guests will remember for years to come? 

Want your guests to be talking about YOUR party at every other party they attend?

Joe Diamond can perform an intimate show right in your living room! 

Click on the video to the right to hear what these party hosts have to say!

Media Appearances

Joe Diamond has not only hosted his own radio show for several years, but he's been a guest on every major radio station and TV Channel in the Chicagoland area!

His skills not only translate over the air waves, but even THROUGH them! That's right, Joe can not only read the minds of the hosts, but random callers, and even listeners!

"If you don’t already worship at the feet of Joe Diamond, you should really get on board. I am telling you, you need this man in your life. He is truly one of a kind!"

- Varla Ventura, author of “Varla Ventura’s Paranormal Parlor” available on Amazon

"Joe Diamond is a living legend! Get a ticket to his show to schedule your appointment with mystery.” 

- Brian Brushwood, host of National Geographic’s “Hacking the System” and Discovery's “Scam School”

“Reactions from the audience were so pure. Even the girl who didn’t want to believe in any of the things he was doing really WAS stumped at the end.”

- Megan Hubrex, Writer & Blogger

The Northwest Herald Newspaper Raves:

"Yes, there are reasons why his shows are so popular and sell out so quickly. His shows are fast-paced with continued audience interaction; Diamond’s sense of humor is rampant and co-exists with his effective communication skills; he is sincere, intelligent, personable, attractive and, best of all, uncannily 100 percent accurate. Joe Diamond is an entertainment legend in the making, and his show is the fabric of good theater"


Even Uri Geller raves:

"Joe, I promise, you bend spoons better than I do!"

- Uri Geller, Spoon Bender, Mystifier, and the world’s most investigated psychic