Video Evidence

For decades, psychics have been challenged by scientists to prove their abilities on camera. Joe Diamond has thousands of hours of video documentation of him on stage, TV, and radio proving his skills over and over again! 

Dream Reading

Joe Diamond is the only mystery performer on the planet that deals with people's innermost thoughts, their dreams!

This is a skill that has been developed since Joe was a young child, and makes for a unique experience for everyone who sees it!


Unlocking An iPhone

Joe Diamond became so known for this stunt, he was contacted by the PENTAGON shortly after this video while he was still inside the radio station!

Since this video he has unlocked over 1000 iPhones!

DISCLAIMER: Joe Diamond only does this with Verbal/Written consent from the participant!

Guessing Star Signs, Words, and Your First Crush!

Joe Diamond has been doing this demonstration the longest! Stick around through the whole video to see Joe Diamond interpret dreams, and do something spooky with an iPhone!

You can see him doing this with literally HUNDREDS of different people on his Instagram page!

He is ALWAYS correct.*

*90% of the time...


Over The Phone

Yes, Joe Diamond can even guess what someone is thinking of MILES away! 

See him read minds in the WGN News studio while secluded in Chicago's most HAUNTED location Three Miles away!

This is always a favorite at live, intimate shows!

Blindfold Drive

Joe Diamond agreed to drive a car around town blindfolded for a local fundraiser!

They closed down city streets, for everyones safety. Passengers included a City Manager, the Fire Chief, and the CHIEF OF POLICE!

Thousands of Dollars were raised for the local arts center!